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Even though it is super easy to think of wanting an online presence on social media, it can be a task of getting yourself to work on the content for it.

If you have been wondering how to get your ideas online, as your social media manager, “Bee Socialite” can help you create fun and strategic ways to present your company and its products or services to your customers. We will be able to work with you and create content that is engaging and has a high recall value by making –

Video Content

We have noticed that videos generate more engagement than images or links from the visitors. We easily convert blogs into short videos that can be shared on social media. We also suggest making “how-to” videos, videos on tips, customer stories, behind-the-scenes, product announcements, user-generated content, or any company announcements/milestones achieved. Our creative team will get their heads together and create these video content which will either help, educate, or entertain your followers. We also encourage our clients and plan with them to create live videos for increasing organic reach as well as drive engagement. If you feel this is a bit overwhelming for you, you can go for recorded videos of the facility, production unit, employees, or industry experts. Your followers will love these videos as they will get to know what you are doing on the ground.

Work on innovative strategies

We keep researching and finding unique and creative ways to reach your audiences.For E.g. using GIF in tweets, works quite well along with the blog and images you wish to share.

Curate content from users

We work on Instagram with a range of awesome photos from your community and help your fan following the increase.


We believe images speak a thousand words that cannot be written or spoken. Our stock of images will amaze you as this is what we believe in! We aim to make your brand stand out from the rest and make the images self-explanatory. They can sometimes convey the entire idea or concept without having your audience read the content or article.


We also believe that statistics can work wonders for the viewers as it is easy for them to know the information you are trying to share with them in an instant. Time is money these days and short, snappy information such as bar graphs or charts can showcase your ideas much easier.


It is seen that infographics are liked and shared at least 3 times more than any other content like blogs or articles. People like information that is quick to absorb these days. Hence, we use your ideas in these forms to share relevant information.

We can go on and on with many other creative ideas to help you become a pro at social media. But we stop here as we would like to discuss with you first and understand your goals before suggesting a customized social media marketing plan.


So if you need a little help in this area, why not check out our Social Media Packages: