de 3 Types of Content your Audience Craves | BeeSocialite

Your first step in creating visual content that resonates with your audience is using the 3 types they love to see.

Content that Educates

This is the number one content marketing choice for most B2B and B2C businesses.

Have a long sales cycle? Want to walk your customers through their buying journey?

Share content that helps your readers evaluate their options. It should also elevate the experience around your business.


Utility Content

Utility content HELPS your audience do certain things and make the right decisions. This type of content does not tell stories – it gives users tools to get from point A to B.

Content that Entertains

People love entertainment. From Gifs to Memes, this type of content is heavily shared across social media. It usually involves videos, comic strips, images and webisodes. It can also be touching, heartwarming and inspirational.

Entertainment: Funny  I  Silly  I  Amusing  I  Touching  I  Heartwarming  I  Inspirational


The problem now is how you can create a visual content compelling enough to achieve all the things above.

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